Since Covid, most of us just want to stay home and enjoy making our ‘nest’ more beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious. Whether you have a new bathroom or an old one – there are still luxe features you can add that will turn your home into your own personal resort!

After all, there is no place like home!

Here are 10 Luxe Bathroom Ideas to Turn a Boring Bathroom into a Resort! Some only costs a few hundred dollars, others costs thousands – but when planning your next bathroom build, you may just want to implement a few of these luxe bathroom ideas!

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We LOVE this Luxe Bathroom! Amazing!

1. Install a Rain Shower Head

The most inexpensive way to make a boring bathroom ultra luxurious is to simply install a rain shower head. They are just amazing and really look fancy. We really love this Maxim 5 Piece Black Shower Set from Temple & Webster. It’s only $189 direct from the supplier and is gorgeous!

They do use a bit more water than traditional Shower Heads – so if you are sharing a shower with the kids you might want to get a timer going – but they are so worth the experience.

Gympie Carpentry
We love this Maxin 5-Piece Shower Set from Temple & Webster

2. Think About Installing a Sauna

The beauty of a Sauna is that they are affordable (they really are) – and you don’t have to put a Sauna in your bathroom. No – you can add one on your verandah or deck, out near the pool, or just under a pergola. Because they are a whole unit – they are really easy to assemble (apparently they only take 20 minutes) and they plug right into mains power. No electrician is required.

There are two different types of home Sauna, the traditional Finnish style, and the Infrared style. If you have the room and the budget – go with the Finnish style. The Finnish Sauna has a custom stove that you wet with water to produce dry steam. Infrared saunas are proven to be much more efficient, remove more toxins from the body, and produce a more comfortable ‘heat’. Infrared Sauna’s are a whole lot more affordable!

A small Infrared sauna will set you back about $3K which really is a small price to pay for such a luxe feature – and if you move you can take it with you!

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We love this Taavi Deluxe 2-person Red Cedar Infrared Sauna from Luxo Living

3. Building a New Bathroom? Add a Steam Feature

So we mentioned a Sauna above, but if dry heat isn’t your thing – what about wet heat? The latest trend in luxe bathrooms now is a steam feature. Yes, your very own steam room – at home!

If you are already building a new bathroom, a steam feature add-on can be implemented in the planning phase. A steam system will cost about $400.

Unfortunately, steam systems are nearly impossible to retrofit in an old bathroom – so if you want a steam room, you’ll have to custom-build one. But it is certainly a luxe feature worth considering!

Check out this beautiful steam room bathroom below!

Gympie Carpentry
An example of a custom-built steam room

4. Bathroom Wallpaper is Now a Thang

I adore wallpaper, I think it is beautiful. But I never thought I’d see the day that wallpaper could ever be put in a bathroom. But now, there is a wallpaper that will withstand all that steam, and it looks FABULOUS! Bathroom Wallpaper is hard-wearing, looks great, and is a whole lot more inexpensive than tiling to the ceiling. Expect to get about 5 years of life out of Bathroom Wallpaper.

Of course in the wet areas, you will still absolutely require tiles or glass. But the non-wet areas are perfect for Bathroom Wallpaper.

Here are some Australian Bathroom Wallpaper stockists to check out:

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5. A Heated Towel Rail

For under $300 (plus electrician costs) – you can have a fluffy dry towel straight out of the shower with a heated towel rail. Heated Towel Rails are very luxe, come in a variety of different finishes and sizes, and look Schmick! They are also surprisingly energy efficient too – so you won’t notice the few extra dollars it will cost to run a heated towel rail in your bathroom!

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We love this Brass 7 Bay Round Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rail from Temple & Webster

6. Underfloor Heating

Luckily here in Gympie we don’t really have a huge call for underfloor heating. It doesn’t really get cold enough here to warrant it. But, if you live somewhere cold, underfloor heating can be so luxe!

Underfloor heating is another item that cannot be retrofitted into an old bathroom, but if you suffer from cold feet during the colder months, and you are planning a new bathroom in the future, it is a luxe bathroom feature worth considering!

Gympie Carpentry
You can purchase underfloor heating kits online from Temple & Webster

7. A Freestanding Bathtub

A freestanding tub is an ultimate luxury. It looks good, feels good and they are really affordable (depending on what you are wanting!).

Prices for freestanding baths range anywhere from $400 to $400,000 and everything in between. Freestanding baths sit directly on floor tiles and are affixed by your carpenter.

But what you save on tiles, you will need to spend on specialized tap fittings for a freestanding bathtub, and a custom shower curtain, so take these costs into account.

Gympie Carpentry
Fontaine Industries Matte Harper 170cm Free Standing Bath

8. Use Patterened Tiles on the Floor

If you are building a new bathroom, patterned floor tiles add a touch of luxury that won’t really cost you any more than more traditional styles of tiling.

You are looking at $30 – $50 per square meter for good-quality porcelain floor tiles.

This is one of the bathrooms we recently completed here in Gympie. The owner chose these patterned floor tiles and we really love them! It makes the whole bathroom ‘Pop’!

Gympie Carpentry

9. Replace Boring Chrome with Bronze Tap Fittings

Chrome tapware has been in vogue for about 20 years now, so it’s about time that changed. And it has. Beautiful bronze or brushed brass tapware is now readily available and it really does add a luxe touch to any bathroom!

Gympie Carpentry
Beautiful Bronze Tapware from ‘We Love Sage and Wood’

10. Install a Double Sink Vanity in the Bathroom

Lastly, if you are building a new large bathroom, consider installing a double-sink vanity. The vanities with pre-molded sinks such as the example below is very popular and clean. Add matching pill-mirrors for the height of class!

Gympie Carpentry
The Astoria Double Vanity by Early Settler

Well, these are just 10 luxe bathroom ideas for your next bathroom build. Call Gympie Carpentry for all your bathroom build needs!