Want to Check out the latest in Bathroom Innovations?

2023 is an exciting time for bathroom renovations because there are so many new innovations and technologies available that can make an incredible difference both financially and comfort-wise for your bathroom build. Some of these bathrooms will save you time on the build, others are technology that you may not know existed that can be incorporated into your bathroom renovation.

What I love about these bathroom innovations is that can have that luxe look or feel that was only available for high-end bathrooms in the past, in your own home.

So let’s look at a few of these bathroom innovations that you can consider when thinking about your bathroom renovation.

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1. The Wedi System: Replacing Concrete Screed with a Custom-Made Waterproof Insert

The current trend in bathrooms in 2023 is for seamless walk-in showers with no shower trays. In fact, of the last 20 bathrooms Gympie Carpentry has completed, 18 wanted the seamless walk-in shower look. And why not? It looks sleek and sophisticated which means there are no shower trays to trip over or that will eventually buckle and leak.

To achieve this sleek look, we traditionally use a concrete ‘screed’ which allows us to form the tiles to allow drainage. That’s not new. But what is new is the ‘Wedi System’. The Wedi System is a pre-formed, waterproofed rigid polystyrene foam that goes under the tiles that replace the screed. The beauty of Wedi is that instead of taking four days for the traditional method of screed to cure, Wedi can be tiled over in as little as four hours!

But Wedi isn’t cheap – and although you may save four days of carpentry wages, you will be paying just as much for the Wedi system. But if you are in a big fat hurry to have your bathroom renovation done – well four days is HUGE in a build.

Wedi won the Build Architecture Award for innovation in 2022, and Gympie Carpentry sees this method as the future of all bathroom renovations.

Gympie Carpentry
An example of a walk-in shower with a seamless floor. The Wedi System can be used to achieve this.

2. Statement Curved Top Shower Screens

Before now, pretty much the only shower screen shape that was available was ‘Rectangle’. And don’t get us wrong…. rectangles are practical and do the job – and well. But with innovation comes new ideas!

We adore the look of this curved top shower screen. Made to be noticed!

Of course, this type of shower screen is a custom build, but we expect them to be available in all bathroom stores in the near future! So keep an eye out.

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3. Smart Toilets

Yep, even the humble shitter has had a technological upgrade. In 2023, Smart Toilets are widely available and they can even be retrofitted to your existing toilet. Smart Toilets have features such as:

  • An Auto-Washer Bidet
  • Heated Toilet Seat
  • Smart Wash with different settings including ‘buttock wash’, ‘female wash’, ‘male wash’, ‘warm water wash’ and ‘massage wash’.
  • Seat Sensor for automated heating
  • Drying feature so you don’t ever need to use toilet paper again.
  • Touch-free automatic lids
  • Night Lights
  • Speakers to listen to your favorite tunes
  • Water level monitoring so you reduce the amount of water your toilet uses.

If a smart toilet could clean my kitchen – I’d be asking for its hand in marriage!

Smart Toilets start at $550 for just the lid with limited features, right up to $5500 for whole systems including the toilet itself!

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4. Adjustable Privacy Glass for Your Shower Screen

If you have ever stayed at the Emporium Hotel at South Bank in Brisbane, you would have seen their amazing shower screens that are visible from the bedroom (oh la laaaa). Kinky – yes!

But if you aren’t into all that, at the flick of a switch, the shower screen turns to a privacy screen.

Why is this innovative? Well like the Emporium, you can use this glass wall as the dividing wall between the bathroom and the bedroom.

The kids need never know that Mum and Dad have a kinky side!

How much does bathroom innovation cost? Actually I have no idea. It would depend on the amount of glass, and seeing this is a dividing wall, that glass would have to be relatively thick. So no it’s not cheap – but it’s kinky!

Gympie Carpentry

The Hotel Rooms at the Emporium Hotel, South Bank – view through the bathroom!

These are just a few of the current bathroom innovations that we would love to help you with at Gympie Carpentry. Which one would you like in your new bathroom?