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Are You Trade Qualified?

Yes! All of our team are fully trade qualified in their area of expertise.

Are You Local To Gympie?

Yes! Everyone in the team is based in Gympie and have deep roots in the community. 

Can You Build My House?

No, we have specialised in the smaller jobs area. This decision was made for a number of reasons, the main one being centred around cost. If we go and get a full builders license the cost to you would increase dramatically.  By specialising in contracts below $3300 we can pass on the savings to you.

How Can We Be Sure You Will Look After Us?

I (Brendan) am a fifth generation Gympie Local with deep roots in the region. I have been a board member of the local Chamber of Commerce for going on 4 years. Our boys attend a local school and our only holidays are at Tin Can Bay. I feed my kids by looking after you and I won’t put that in jeopardy to cut corners.

Can You Do Work For NDIS?

Yes, we can perform work for NDIS participants. Of course, it is important to confirm with your plan manager. 

Will You Do Anything For Love?

I won’t do that, no no no I won’t do that.