Frequently Asked Questions

1. Your Quote is more than I want to spend.  What can you do for me?

There are many things we can do!  We can look at choosing a more economical tile or a different textile altogether.  A great way to make savings is reducing the height we tile to (eg tiling to the ceiling is much more expensive than tiling to 1500mm).  We can choose more inexpensive prime cost items (shower, bath tubs etc). That’s why having a specific budget in mind is fantastic for us – as we can work your budget into the items we help you choose.

2. Why are you more expensive than my local handyman?

For many reasons!  All our carpenters are highly trained and fully licensed – all our work is covered by the QBCC.  We also pay our staff well (because good employees are worth it!). Our staff are all local, many with young families.  A handyman may have a cheaper hourly rate, but our experienced carpenters have all the right knowledge and tools to get the job done right the first time!

Remember – if a handyman accidently burns your house down during works, your home isn’t covered by insurance.  If WE accidently burn your house down – you ARE fully covered. Note: we have never burned a house down.

3. I need a bathroom renovation but don’t know what that might look like.

Brendan and his wife have renovated homes for over 25 years.  We have a good eye for what will work, and what is practical for a family on a budget.  We also have a fantastic Pinterest page that displays small bathrooms, big bathrooms, retro bathrooms etc – so go and have a look to see what might appeal to you. 

We also offer a free bathroom design consultation where we can talk about options and we can show you some practical solutions! 

4. Can you help me choose tiles or fixtures?

Absolutely! We do this all the time and are happy to help you choose to get the look you are going for.  We also have fantastic contacts at all the local tile and bathroom stores who can also assist you.

5. What do I use for a bathroom during the renovation?

We have a mobile gas hot water shower available to hire if required.  We will bring it to your home and set it up ready to be used.

6. Employees versus Sub-Contractors – What Do You Use?

Gympie Carpentry Pty Ltd employs all of our carpenters.  However, we do use external plumbers, tilers and electricians who are fully licensed to do these works.

7. Can I have a look at a bathroom you have built previously?

Absolutely!  We are proud of our work, and, provided we can work out a time that is suitable for the homeowner and yourself, that can be easily organised.

8. What if something goes wrong down the track?

Sometimes, things do happen.  But every bathroom we build has QBCC Home Warranty Insurance – that means for a period of six years from completion if anything goes wrong – you call us, and we will come out and rectify the issue as fast as we can.

We look after our clients!  It is part of our service.

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how much does a bathroom reno cost?

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Bathroom Finance Available

To assist you with the large investment, we offer finance for your new bathroom or deck.  Contact us today to find out how!

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