Gympie Carpentery show you the 5 Most Common Jobs we get asked to perform.

The most common household jobs performed by a carpenter in Gympie might just be a lot simpler than you might think. We have put together all of our jobs and come up with the 10 most commonly asked for jobs.

  1. Fitting a Door

If you have ever tried to fit a door yourself, you know just how hard it is to get it exactly right. Logic says that all doors you purchase from Bunnings or your local Hardware store are straight and square. The thing is that most houses move with time – so your doorway may not be square. And if you have an older style Queenslander house or similar, there is a good chance the doorway is on a lean as well as not square.

It is then up to the Gympie Carpenter to make the door fit the house.

This means using an electric planer or sander to get the measurements exact.

On top of that, hinges need to be ‘rebated’ into the door and the doorframe.

So fitting a door isn’t an easy job that a handyman can do. You need a good Gympie Carpenter to do the job for you.

Gympie Carpentry

2. Fixing Water Damaged Timber

Another very common job performed by your local Gympie Carpenter is to fix water damage. We get some pretty wild storms here in Gympie, and water damage is very common. And when you are mixing timber and water with a bit of time, that timber will need replacing.

The most common places in your home that are affected by water damage are the kitchen and bathroom. Older style houses in particular are prone to water leaks over a long period of time. This causes timber rot, particularly under showers and basins.

Gympie carpentry can remove and replace hardwood floorboards – and can even source them for you if needed. Gympie Carpentry is the premier supplier of Rosecorp Timber – so if you need any hardwood, we can supply it in bulk as well as replace any damaged boards.

3. Replacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Thousands of Gympie residents have Ikea Kitchens. They are fabulous – we have used them ourselves. The problem is though if you damage an old Ikea Kitchen Door – they have now changed the sizing – so you cannot source them from Ikea anymore.

But Gympie Carpentry can design and make new kitchen cabinets to the former Ikea Kitchen specifications. So you can save loads of money by replacing the kitchen cabinet doors – and not the entire kitchen!

4. Install New Timber Steps

If you have a look at old Queenslander homes, they have magnificent steps. All handcrafted from hardwood from scratch. Look steel stringers are far cheaper, but they don’t look anywhere near as good as the old hardwood front steps. And if you want to restore your Queenslander faithfully, a traditional set of timber front stairs is a must.

Luckily Gympie Carpentry specialise in authentic set hardwood timber front stairs – so good that the old tradesmen of the day would have been proud of!

Gympie Carpentry

5. Hardwood Fencing

Hardwood will outlast pine timber – 10:1. So sure, you may pay more now for a beautiful hardwood timber fence, but not only will it look a million bucks, it will still be going strong in 20 years time. Plus the termites will quite happily eat pine well and truly before they will even think about chomping on a bit of hardwood.

Gympie Carpentry can design and manufacture a hardwood timber fence that will stand the test of time.

Contact Gympie Carpentry today. We offer free quotes, are we take pride in our quality work. Gympie Carpentry – we can also source all your hardwood timber needs.