The most common issue with external stairs for a Traditional Queenslander is rotten timber.

If the front stairs of your Traditional Queenslander need replacing, you have to decide if you are going to replace them with cheaper steel stringers, or whether you are going to be faithful to the original design and have hardwood timber stairs custom made for your home.

How Do I Know if My Timber Stairs Need Replacing?

If your treads are starting to move when you walk on them, or your notice that the timber is starting to rot, then it is time to start thinking about replacing the stairs.

How Much Do Hardwood External Stairs Cost?

The cost to replace your current old timber external stairs with hardwood timber really depends on the following:

  • The size of your staircase (how many steps)
  • The type of balustrading you choose
  • Is the hardwood staircase straight, curved, l-shape or u-shape.
  • Any any landings required?

On average, a very traditional style straight hardwood timber staircase would cost approximately $4,000 to replace.

Gympie Carpentry

How Long Does it Take to Build a Hardwood Timber Staircase for a Traditional Queenslander?

Gympie Carpentry would take approximately two – three weeks to design, construct and build your brand new hardwood timber staircase.

Can You Supply the Hardwood Timber?

Gympie Carpentry is the exclusive Gympie stockist of Rosecorp Timber. So any hardwood timber you need can be ordered directly through Gympie Carpentry and delivered right to your door.

Why Use Hardwood Timber for a Traditional Queenslander Rather Than Steel?

We here at Gympie Carpentery are purists when it comes to Queenslander homes. We like to restore them just how they were built – quality workmanship that will last and using the materials the old-timers used.

And sure, steel stairs might be cheaper, but they don’t look nearly as good as timber does.

The Gympie Carpentry team have owned and renovated Queenslanders for the last twenty years, and we still adore them today. If you want your Queenslander or old timber home to be restored faithfully, choose Gympie Carpentry.