Hardwood Timber Supplies

Gympie Carpentry is the exclusive stockist of Rosecorp Sawmill Hardwood Timbers. Beautifully rough-sawn Red Iron Bark that will last longer than any of us will. Order your hardwood timber supplies in Gympie and surrounds and have it delivered to your door.

Hardwood Timber Supplies
Actual hardwood timber from Rosecorp Mill was used to make a beautiful tank stand for Jan!

Since Covid, hardwood timber supplies are becoming rarer to find, and even rarer to have made to order and delivered to your door – Gympie Carpentry has an exclusive partnership with Rosecorp Sawmill. So no matter what industry you are in – if you need hardwood timber – come to us!

Rosecorp Sawmill is a family-owned and operated sawmill specialising in rough-cut hardwood timber.

Call us today on 0480 378 861 for pricing.

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Red Hardwood Timber we are Able to Supply:

Rough Sawn GOS F14 (F17 Available Upon Request) Red Iron Bark

75 x 2575 x 38100 x 50100 x 75100 x 100150 x 150250 x 250
100 x 25150 x 50150 x 75
150 x 25200 x 50200 x 75
200 x 25250 x 50250 x 75
300 x 50

Rough Sawn Red Iron Bark Palings

  • 100 x 13
  • 75 x 13
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