The next trend in bathrooms is the ‘Maximalist’ movement.

Gone are the whites, the beiges, and the eggshell colours. Maximalist style includes bright wallpaper, huge pops of colour, bold tapware, and decor decor decor!

The Maximalist bathroom design is not for the landlord or the house flipper, but for someone who has oodles of personality and vibrancy that wants to shine both in person and as a reflection of their home.

Now some of these Maximalist Bathrooms are way over the top, but I freaking love the colour and styling. It’s nice to see colour and style come alive! Are you game enough to build a maximalist bathroom?

What Exactly is the ‘Maximalist’ Movement?

The best way to describe Maximalist is the opposite of Minimalism which has been the trend for the last 10 years or so. Maximalism involves bright colours, patterns, textures and the use of home decor to make a room feel ‘cosy’. But don’t think you can just throw every colour and style in there and get this result… Maximalism is about layering to get that shock value, but it still looks good to the eye.

Think ‘More is More’.

But even if you have a beige and eggshell-coloured bathroom, you can ‘Maximalise’ it with brightly coloured towels, faux plants and styled bathroom products.

So without further ado, here are 10 Jaw-Dropping Maximalist Bathrooms!

1. Pink Walls with Gold Taps

Okay so this example of a Maximalist Bathroom is pretty over the top! You would have to be pretty dedicated to go candy pink all over your bathroom like this – but you know, I love it. It looks cute and the gold taps are just gorgeous! And if you ever find a pink heated towel rail – please call me! I think Barbie lives here!

Gympie Carpentry

2. Maximimalist with Home Decor

This bathroom is a lot more do-able – with a fairly neutral base, and then decorated with home decor. Lots of plants, shelving, and cutesy little touches!

Gympie Carpentry

3. Maximilist Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathroom Wallpaper is very in vogue at the moment. And although you can’t wallpaper in the wet areas successfully, bathroom wallpaper in the other areas of your bathroom looks great and is hard-wearing. You will get a good five years out of good quality bathroom wallpaper.

Gympie Carpentry

4. More Bathroom Wallpaper

Gympie Carpentry

5. Over the Top Maximalist Bathroom

This bathroom is totally over the top! The lights remind me of the ‘Galaxy’ worn by the cat out of Men in Black.

Gympie Carpentry

6. Art Deco Maximalist Bathroom

I love Art Deco – and it is a good example of the Maximalist movement in the past.

Gympie Carpentry

7. Part Art Deco, Part Modern Maximalist

Gympie Carpentry

8. Totally Art Deco Modern

Gympie Carpentry

9. A Maximalist Toilet Room

If you just want to dip your toe into Maximalism – try doing a loo first!

Gympie Carpentry

10. Art Deco AND Maximalist Styling

Because why not both!

Gympie Carpentry