Customer Queue

Please note, given the ravages of COVID, floods, skilled labour shortages and material shortages time frames are very hard to pin down. We are trying our best, please be understanding.

Once you have accepted a quote or job with Gympie Carpentry – we put you on the job queue. We do jobs on a first-come, first-served basis (unless it is an emergency call-out). Bookmark this article and check the job queue at any time to see where you are on the queue. We have also given an estimated time period – this isn’t always set in stone but is a general indication.

Emergency call-outs for carpentry jobs on weekends or urgent maintenance work incur a $250 call-out fee.

The customer queue guarantees a spot on our books so you have peace of mind that you haven’t been forgotten!

Want to book your spot so you don’t miss out? Contact us today!


1. TamaraIn Progress
2. BobbieIn Progress
3. Kenny and MelissaImmanent
4. Peter WJune 2022
5. MandyJune 2022
6. In HouseFinal Quarter 2022
7. Lee LFinal Quarter 2022
8. Sam RFinal Quarter 2022
9. Lynn WFinal quarter 2022
15. Kelly GWaiting on supply
11. Stephanie DWaiting on external quotes
12. Keryn AEstimated time: 2022
13. Rebecca REstimated time: 2022
14. Pam TEstimated time: 2022
15. ColleenEarly 2023?
16. Cindy
21. Mindy MFinal quarter 2022