Making your home adorable from the street will add a tonne of value to your home, particularly if you are looking to sell your property.

But if you have a limited budget – what can you do to make your home look good without spending a heap? We have 10 affordable options for adding street appeal to your home, all under $5000. Here we go!

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1. Install a Brand New Front Door (Or Paint the One You Have!)

A new front door can brighten up the dullest of houses. And there are now so many options for front doors. You can replace just the door, or add sidelights around the front door like the image below. An inviting front door makes potential buyers eager to see what’s inside.

If you love glass but aren’t keen on the fact people can look inside – you can choose privacy glass or you can just add a stencilled window film to the existing glass.

Best of all, a new front door installed will cost you less than $1000 (depending on which door you choose) – so it is a relatively inexpensive way to give massive street appeal to your home.

If you already have a shit-hot front door, look at painting it a bright colour. Red or black or even yellow – front doors make a huge statement – and it instantly adds a heap of character with a vibrant pop of colour.

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2. Build a Garden Arbour

A garden arbour won’t be suited to ultra-modern homes, but if you have an old Queenslander or even a retro-style home, garden arbours make a huge first impact when it comes to street appeal. You don’t have to go the full traditional ‘girly’ style of garden arbour (such as below) – there are more modern variations too.

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3. Add a Few Statement Potted Plants at Your Front Door

Go down to your local nursery or hardware store and invest in a couple of large garden pots and plant some statement potted plants at your front door. Not only do they add a homely touch, but you can also take them with you when you sell.

Apparently, if you add orange flowers to a pot at your front door, it is meant to bring you luck and money!

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4. Add a Porch Swing (with Throw Pillows)

A porch swing is a very personal and decadent touch to add to your home for major street appeal. Add a few scatter cushions, maybe an outdoor rug and a place to put a beer, and you will capture the imagination of potential buyers who will imagine themselves relaxing on the porch watching the world go by!

A porch swing will set you back about $1000 (depending on materials). Gympie Carpentry makes ADORABLE porch swings – so give them a call today!

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5. Use a Concrete Stencil on the Path To Your Front Door

If you already have a front path, grab your gurney and give it a really good clean (add some chlorine to really make it look brand new!). If the path is still looking a bit meh even after a really good clean, you can look at paving on top of the concrete – or an inexpensive upgrade is to use a concrete stencil with outdoor paint to give your path a cute design.

Concrete stencilling a path will only cost you the price of the stencil (about $15) plus the paint – so it is a super affordable option!

You can pick up simple concrete stencils from the following stockists:

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6. Get Rid of All the Junk

Stand at the front of your home and look for any items that just shouldn’t be there. Rubbish piles, excessive branches, overgrown gardens. Anything that looks like a sore thumb should be removed or remedied.

Remember that less is more when it comes to street appeal. You want to keep it simple – so when in doubt – chuck it out!

7. Add Fresh Mulch or Woodchip To Your Front Garden

Adding fresh mulch or woodchip to your front gardens can really make a tired garden look brand new. Plus there is something very inviting about the smell of fresh mulch.

A load of mulch will only set you back about $150 – and with a shovel and a wheelbarrow and a few hours of work – you can makeover all your front gardens – with mulch!

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8. Add An Adorable New Letterbox

Like painting a front door a bright colour, adding a new letterbox can also be a great way of adding that pop of colour and increase the street appeal to your home. Choose a letterbox that suits the age and style of your home.

For added practicality – look at a letterbox that has an parcel locker – especially if you partake in loads of online shopping! What do us girls do when we are sad? Add to cart!

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The Ridge Letterbox in Black from SoilWorx

9. Obsessively Clean the Front of the House

Give the front of your house a good wash, get rid of cobwebs, mow the lawn, trim trees, weed the gardens. Make sure that every little scrap of dirt and grime and gone.

A clean house is an inviting house

10. Add A Deck Chair or Set of Table and Chairs to the Front

Finally, a really great way of adding street appeal is to create an area where the potential new owners can see themselves enjoying a cup of tea or coffee on the front deck or under a tree in the garden.

Pop a pot-plant on the table – and even a cushion or two on the chairs. You don’t need to spend a lot – and you do get to take them with you once you sell your property.

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Selling your home is a big move – but these 10 simple and inexpensive ideas on increasing street appeal will certgainly help get you the best price possible.