Wedi is the latest technology in renovating bathrooms. It makes waterproofing easier, faster, and far more ‘waterproof’ than traditional methods. Gympie Carpentry is proud to announce that we are now authorised installers of the Wedi waterproofing system.

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How Waterproofing Was Done in the Past

The typical process of waterproofing involves cement backer boards, mesh tape, and liquid waterproofing sealer up to the shower pan.

Renovating a bathroom would have involved the following.

  1. The carpenter has to frame the walls
  2. The plumber has to install a drain and the shower base.
  3. The carpenter comes back to install the cement screed on the floor, and cement sheeting to the walls. Allowing seven days for the screed to dry.
  4. The joins are taped, and two coats of waterproofing membrane are applied.
  5. Allowing the membrane to set completely before tiling.

This method is time-consuming, and if the house ‘moves’ with time, this membrane can break, causing water to leak and damaging the home’s skeleton.

The Wedi system removes a few of these steps and offers a far superior waterproofed product

What is the Wedi Waterproof Shower System?

Wedi Waterproof Shower Systems offers a reliable, cost-efficient solution for constructing 100 % waterproof and mould-proof bathrooms and wet rooms. The Wedi system is easy to install and opens up a whole new world of design possibilities for showers, wet areas and baths.

The Wedi system is made from CFC-free extruded polystyrene rigid foam which is an ideal base for any type of plaster or tile. Wedi systems can be applied to practically any substrate and are waterproof, insulating, versatile, light and robust.

The Wedi system comes in all shapes and sizes for all applications in wet areas.

Wedi gives you the perfect ‘fall’ for water drainage, and because of the waterproofing qualities, will make your bathroom last longer.

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Wedi Also Offers Unique Design Applications for Your Bathroom Renovation

Want a unique design for your bathroom? Well there is a Wedi System to suit you! With glass-free and curved showers now in vogue in 2024, Wedi provides a fantastic range to allow your imagination to run wild! Just think – no more glass to clean.

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What are the Advantages of Using Wedi?

There are many advantages to using Wedi over traditional concrete screed and waterproofing. Traditional concrete screening takes seven days after laying to cure before waterproofing can be installed – and then the waterproofing takes a few more days to dry before tiling. This makes most bathroom renovations take longer than most clients would like.

Wedi can be installed and tiled over the same day.

Wedi also offers the following advantages:

  • The XPS foam is 100% waterproof
  • Wedi offers high-stability
  • The Wedi system reduces application time by up to 50%
  • Your bathroom will last longer

Plus with the rise of the uber-popular floor-level shower which is the essence of the modern bathroom, Wedi makes new bathrooms or retro-fitted older bathrooms the perfect level of fall and even has integrated drain technology.

Is Wedi More Expensive?

Yes, it is. However, because time equals money – you save on the installer’s hourly rate. When weighing up the time it takes for a Tradie to lay concrete screed and waterproofing – Wedi is faster, and the price is about the same. So if you are paying the same price and have your bathroom completed up to two weeks faster, using Wedi is a no-brainer.

Wedi has been used in the United States and Europe for the last forty years, isn’t it time we here in Australia get with the times and use the latest in bathroom technologies!

Want to Know More About Wedi?

Gympie Carpentry is a fully qualified and registered installer of the Wedi System. If you would like more information, please reach out to Gympie Carpentry on 0480 378 861.